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Shanghai, CN
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Chinese Consumer Conquest CRM Manager

国家/地区 : 中国 中国

省份 : 上海

城市 : Shanghai

类别 : 贸易销售

合同类别 : 正式员工

工作性质 : 全职


As one of the main contributors to L'Oréal
Group business growth in Mainland China, North Asia and worldwide, Chinese
consumer is highly prioritized across L'Oréal business units. One aligned
mission is to provide seamless brand experience to Chinese consumer inside and,
while travelling, outside Mainland China, with objective to recruit and retain
Chinese shoppers to the brand.
We are recruiting a CRM Manager reporting
to North Asia CRM & CX Director, to lead multiple CRM & CX projects
aiming to recruit, activate and retain Chinese Shoppers, benefiting L'Oréal
China, L'Oréal Travel Retail and other North Asia markets.
We are seeking a generalist CRM profile
with strong communication and convincing skills to orchestrate projects with
stakeholders from different entities, starting with L'Oréal China and L'Oréal
Travel Retail. The candidate must have strong appetency for CRM, Data &
Tech, as the delivery of projects will involve collaboration of L'Oréal IT and
vendors. The job also requires some general background on brand & product marketing,
to recommend China and Travel Retail teams on CRM & Media campaigns, for
each brand involved in the program.
More concretely, the person will be
responsible to successfully drive the regional agenda below:
- Define
the vision for One Chinese consumer, looking at business contribution, consumer
value proposal, consumer journey and data implications
- Lead
the various projects scoping from design to rollout and run, and coordinate the
project teams to reach success ; coordinate stakeholders involved in the
projects, follow action plans and provide performance review of different
projects. List of projects typically include consumer touchpoints such as
wechat accounts, websites, in-store apps to enroll consumers and promote brand
- Define
and orchestration the marketing operations including extension of loyalty
program benefits outside of China, CRM & Media retargeting campaigns
leveraging data captured across systems and unified back in China, animations
pushed to Chinese consumes while travelling, and define regional governance of
WeChat accounts by market.
- Be
the regional business product owner for unified Chinese shopper consumer
journey and data journey, partnering with IT PMs, Data Governance &
Privacy, Vendors and Brands to enhance consumer experience and grow consumer
lifetime value. YOU'RE
THE PERFECT MATCH IFYou have at least 5
years' experience in Marketing and CRM, including business activation from CRM
programs design to rollout, data governance from collection & insights to
action planning, and have experienced working on tech projects with vendors or
IT teams.
Furthermore, you:
- Have
strong written, verbal & presentation skills in English
- Have
worked in an international environment
- Have
some experience on Chinese Travellers business
- Have
convincing skills to present recommendations and make them implemented
- at L'Oréal, we encourage our employees to think and act beyond their jobs. We
acknowledge the big impact that our jobs have on our community, our environment
and our consumers. For us, our job is more than just a job, it is about
building a better future for others and our planet.
#grow -
at L'Oréal, growing comes from being in constant motion. We grow with others,
by exploring and by reaching out for more. Together, we try, succeed and
sometimes fail. We bring together unique personalities full of potential to
become outstanding mentors; we give them transformational trainings and
learning opportunities that make them unleash the best in themselves.
#entrepreneurship -
at L'Oréal, we invite our people to inspire others with mind-blowing ideas, to
challenge the status-quo and to shape the future of beauty. "Run it as your own
business" is our mantra. Entrepreneurship at L'Oréal is also about the
possibility to design a one-of-a-kind career path never seen before.